Big Harvest Essential Oil Extraction, Flower Bud Trimming, Drying & Storage Kit


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Everything you need to harvest and process your big crop! Harvesting is the most critical stage and what you’ve been working towards for months and months. These tools will help you protect your precious fruits and flowers and extract every last bit of essential oil from them as well as maintain superior quality through the drying process.



The Kit includes the following components:

Secret Jardin DryIT 90, 5 Layer Dryer, 31″

The 31-inch five-layer DryIT 90 is compatible with the DARKDRYER system and is great for drying large yields at one time. It hangs conveniently from the crossbars inside the ceiling of Secret Jardin grow tents.





Harvester’s Edge Micropore Bag, 5 Gallon Kit with Bucket

Turn flowers, fruits and herbs into useful essential oils with a 5-gallon Harvester’s Edge® Micropore Bag Kit. Color-coded and labeled as 25, 73, 110, 160 or 220 microns for easy setup, these bags fit a standard 5-gallon bucket. Drawstrings keep bags in place, and lined canvas makes cleanup a breeze. Rugged construction with waterproof double stitching promotes years of use. This kit includes five bags, a 10-inch-by-10-inch, 25-micron pressing screen, convenient carrying case and usage instructions. The bags are 12 inches in diameter and 15.5 inches tall. Includes heavy duty 5 gallon bucket.


Harvest More Trim Bin

The Harvest More® TrimBin is a sturdy and ergonomically designed trim tray. With wide, rounded edges to prevent wrist pain, the TrimBin reduces stress injuries and increases productivity. Its stackable design and high walls allow for easy storage and a clean and organized workspace. Made in California, the TrimBin comes with a 150-micron stainless steel screen with replacement options available.

Harvest More Trim Bin Filter

The Harvest More® TrimBin Filter features a sorting screen at its base to quickly separate unwanted plant materials into the attached collection bag. This easy-to-clean unit nests into all other TrimBins for maximum processing power, staging and storage. Includes one 16-by-17.5-inch oven bag for collection.


Harvester’s Edge Titanium Pruner with Holster

The Harvester’s Edge® Titanium Pruner is compact, durable and ultra-lightweight. It includes a holster and features strong and corrosion-resistant fine-tip titanium blades, spring-action assistance, an ergonomic grip suited for left- or right-handed cutting and a safety locking mechanism. Excellent for use on delicate houseplants, flowers, bonsai trees, vegetables, fruits and herbs.

GuardenWare Nylon Storage Bags, 18” x 20”, 10 Pack

Versatile GuardenWare® Nylon Storage Bags have countless uses in the kitchen and beyond. These eco-friendly recyclable bags preserve moisture, flavors and aromas—perfect for storing harvests fresh from the garden. Contents can also be cooked directly in the bag up to a temperature of 400F, or frozen down to -100F. Made of BPA-free, FDA-approved 1-mil nylon, these durable bags resist tears, punctures and odor transfer. Nylon Storage Bags come in handy for a wide range of horticultural tasks from germination to pollination. Slip the bags over buds and flowers to protect from frost for late season harvests. The bags can also be cut to size as needed.

Black Lightning Gloves, Large, 100 Pack

Black Lightning Nitrile Gloves provide high-quality barrier protection for a wide range of grow room tasks. The gloves’ unique nitrile formulation reduces excess perspiration and matches healthy skin’s natural pH level to provide the most comfortable fit possible. Super strong, stretchy and tear-resistant, these gloves are quadruple washed to remove all chemical residue and feature a fully textured grip. Approved for medical use; pack of 100.

Sticky Bye-Bye, 10 oz

Sticky Bye-Bye is a natural salt-scrub solvent that gardeners will always want to keep handy when working with those especially gooey and sticky plants. This formula can be used to remove tree sap and other resins, take gum out of hair, remove labels and other stickers from surfaces, wipe off stains from countertops, and even remove permanent marker ink.

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